Independence Avenue, 119, Minsk,220114


About policlinic

Health institution "19th City Children's Clinic" organized in November 1985 in connection with the release of the children's department of 19th city clinic and children's department of 27th city clinic in independent structural facility.

On 01/01/1996, the health care institution "19th City Children's Clinic" is located on the First of the area of Minsk in two buildings: approx. Independence, 119 and st. Kedyshko 11 (branch). Based on the decision of the Minsk City Executive Committee July 6, 2006 № 1357 in 2009-2010. the reconstruction of the main building clinics ave., Independence 119. In the framework of reconstruction completed superstructure of the 4th floor, clinic is equipped with modern medical equipment.

Strengthening the material-technical base allows to increase the availability and efficiency of health care delivery, enhance diagnostic capabilities, improve the quality of research, to provide earlier diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The number of children served by the population - 15,100 people. Power clinics - 484 visits per shift. Have the qualification category 80.0% of doctors and 77% of nurses.

Polyclinic is a multidisciplinary outpatient clinics to provide skilled and the main types of specialized medical assistance to children in 12 specialties. In the structure of 3 pediatric clinics ward, working with children in organized groups, dental office, Department of Medical Rehabilitation, has the necessary ancillary rooms.

In the area of activity of the polyclinic 11 secondary schools, 3 gymnasiums, health centers provided work Higher State College of Communications, Radio Technical College, Polytechnic College Lyceum National Technical University; conducted organizational and methodological work in 27 POs. Polyclinic is the lead agency in Minsk to provide orthodontic care for children. On the basis of the clinics on the street. Kedyshko, operates 11 urban orthodontic office where provided all the possibilities and conditions for the comprehensive rehabilitation of children with abnormal dentition.

Help provide 18 orthodontist; X-ray equipment is available for a full diagnosis; dental laboratory, specialized in manufacturing of orthodontic appliances. Since March 2002, based on the establishment of a Centre of Early Intervention Pershamajski district (TSKRV) from 01.07.2010 center given the status of a resource center. In its composition are specialists of different profiles: doctor-physiotherapist, speech therapists, clinical psychologist.

Primaries (diagnostic) techniques families with children aged up to 3 years, counseling techniques, individual and group sessions with children who have lag in one or more areas of development. On the basis of the qualitative features of the cabinet defined parent-child relationships, identifies the basic needs of the child and family to professional help to provide early support and support of parents and family members at the birth of a child with special needs. The clinic works successfully "parent club" for social and psychological support to families with children with severe and multiple disabilities.